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How Did I Not Know About This???

I'm sure, like many of us, you've heard about 'Sex and the City' and have watched at least some of the episodes (if not them all) along with the two movies - we've watched them for the millionth time and must say I'm Team Big, although that's because i'm a romantic at heart and love a happy ending - and when's the third movie coming out???

Well you may remember in the first Movie part of the story line was around the beautiful Personal Assistant, the gorgeous J Hud (sorry watching too much of The Voice, but wasn't she brilliant!). She had rented the new season patchwork denim Louis Vuitton bowling bag and 'Carrie' says: "how did I not know about this?"

Of course as most films have a happy ending, she was bought her very own one in the end, but let's face it how many of us get bought a Louis Vuitton at this price by our bosses!!

However this got us thinking, if it's good enough for the ladies of USA, and indeed we have seen handbag rental companies springing up across the world, then why not us, hence iBagzy.  We thought however we would specialise (well at least for the time being) on the clutch bag market as we know so many of us attend formals, weddings or indeed only want a little excuse to get dressed up for a night out.

As one of our customers said to us recently: 'there is something that makes you feel very special when carrying a designer handbag and once you have rented an iBagzy clutch then there's no going back".

Sure check out the video on YouTube:


Happy shopping!!

xx IB



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