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The Devil Shares Prada...

Posted on 16 April 2018

Why choose luxury handbags over high street?

Firstly it is the quality. Made with exquisite materials and created by the most skilled craftsmen and designers, these Holy Grail bags have such longevity; they will be as good as new for decades to come. A high quality bag simply looks better, smells better, feels better, and lasts better.

Secondly it is the way it makes us feel. When carrying an iconic handbag, a feeling of self-confidence oozes out of us. Even if we are having a bad hair day, a fat day, a spotty day, our bag will still look fabulous, and make us feel fabulous. Having a gorgeous Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci bag dangling from the crook of our arm can make an entire outfit, upgrading a simple dress to an entirely new level. Sporting an It-Bag also tells other people that you are sophisticated, you have good taste, and you care about quality.

Ok, still with us?!?

Miranda Priestly

Here's how you get your hands on a piece of luxury at an affordable price...

iBagzy is the premiere destination for on-demand luxury. We provide access to the most current designer clutch bags all of which can be rented when needed, That's the beauty of iBagzy. Our vision is to make luxury goods accessible for you.

Gucci Dionysus

 Gucci Marmont        yves saint laurent

iBagzy is a collection of both haute couture and quirky handbags which include some much sought after pieces of craftsmanship manufactured from the most luxurious fabrics and hardware and some beautiful and artistic designs that most of us only dream of owning. All our bags are 100% authentic and security marked and are beautifully packaged for your indulgence. 

We are advocates of an access economy where single-use ownership is unnecessary. At iBagzy we are all about sustainable fashion and creating, enabling and supporting a sustainable fashion future. This new trend of renting is not only convenient and cost effective for consumers but its is also good for the world's depleting resources, global pollution and smothering islands of waste. 

We can't wait to see how striking you are going to look carrying one of our stunning bags to your formal, wedding, a day at the races, graduation,or even that very important business meeting, weekend away or interview. Whatever the reason, once you rent one of our bags you'll always find an excuse to borrow another one - we guarantee. And at very affordable prices why have that expensive bag gathering dust at the bottom of your wardrobe when you can enjoy a different one for all your special occasions at a fraction of the cost!!!

We truly hope you have an amazing experience when you rent one of our products. Why not give us a go and support this local company and be spotted carrying a gorgeous bag without breaking the bank.

Miranda Priestly

xx IB 


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