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Emma Jane Mooney - Extract from BFW Blog

Posted on 25 October 2016

"One of the pop up shops that really got my attention was a new up and coming business in Belfast called iBagzy. Ok so loads of you including myself will have been obsessed at one time another in your lifetime with Sex and The City, and one thing that I always remember from it and have always thought was a brilliant idea was that in the likes of New York City you can rent a designer bag out for the weekend or event. Like how brilliant is that?

Got an amazing outfit and just need a even more amazing handbag to match it, but your bank balance just doesn't match it? No problem, rent it out for the weekend! Amazing, why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!

They stock every brand you have ever thought of from Mulberry to Kate Spade to Vivienne Westwood even down to Chanel- yesss Chanel, the ultimate dream! We had the pleasure of looking through some of the stock, I think this was our personal favourite- Alexander McQueen if you dont mind!

The website is coming soon, but in the mean time keep and eye on their Facebook page!"

iBagzy bag rental Northern Ireland

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